Little kids have a tough life….

I have made an important discovery last week end: life is tough for little kids!! People with small children always go to tons of places (and by the way, I do that too!): supermarkets, shops, running errands. Whatever the weather. Parents always say, “Oh they don’t mind the rain. They just want to come with us!” Well, do they? …  Last week end, I was attending a street fair to sell my book. I picked the perfect day for it: it was super cold and pouring with rain! Not the best weather when you are trying to sell stuff made out of paper! After a couple of hours, I was completely soaked and had sold nothing. I was actually surprised that some people braved the weather to come and visit the fair. Not many, but some…. And funnily enough, most were families with little kids – I am talking stroller age! How odd? Don’t you think? Why would no kid above the age of four come, but all the ones under want to be out on such a horrible day? Well, I’ll tell you why! Because the ones under four don’t have a choice! They could not say to their parents, “Are you kidding me?!! There is no way I am stepping out in THAT weather! You go by yourself, dude!” So instead, they get strapped in and off they go for a “nice” walk. Man, being little is tough!

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