Men are such babies…

I am not teaching you anything, right? If you have a husband, a brother and / or a father, you know what a bunch of wimps these guys are. I mean, COME ON!!!

I remember my dad, back when I was just a kid (see, it’s not that long ago, I remember it!!!). Whenever he had a cold, he would  lie in bed, whaling for a glass of water, or some headache pills. And every time one of us would bring him whatever he was asking for, he would thank us with, “Now let me die in peace!” What a drama queen!!!

I thought this was just my dad seeking attention, or having a twisted sense of humor, but nope. It’s just men!

A few years later, a friend of mine got a really complicated birth experience. No pain killer, 20lbs baby (slight exaggeration on my part) pushing on a nerve in her back, but refusing to come out. Basically, pain in childbirth had reached a whole new level. Her husband was so great, he really wanted to empathize with her so he said, “Oh honey, I feel for you, I hurt my toe on the corner of the bed last week and it was even worse than that…” That day, he really owed his life to the nurses who were holding down his wife. But she totally assaulted him with words. I think her child was born saying the F word…

I have my own cry-baby at home. My husband, Mister tough guy, just had a blood test last week. I am glad I was not with him when the nurse pricked him with the needle – maybe they gave him a general anesthetics…

When he came home, he sat on the sofa and proceeded on taking his band aid off. I am deliberately not writing “ripping the band aid off” because somehow, this implies a quick action. And there was nothing quick about what he was doing: he was carefully removing each hair out of the sticky bit. With each one, he would go, “Ouch! Oh, Wow!! That hurts! Oh no?!”

“Want any help?” I volunteered after five minutes.

“No! You are so cruel, I know you will rip it off, like it’s nothing. You have no idea how much that hurts…” And then he moved on to the next hair, “Ouch! Oh, Wow!! That hurts! Oh no?!”

Oh, really! Is that so?! So I shoved my deformed thumb with stitches still hanging out of it, three weeks after my little accident and having been unable to move because of SHEER PAIN. I did not say anything. I thought the sight of my ugly thumb, together with my, “Are you serious?” look, would be enough.

Well, I under-estimated my husband…

“Oh, that was three weeks ago! Get over it will you?”

Men!! You gotta love them. Otherwise they would drive you crazy…

Do you have any funny baby stories from the men in your life?



  1. hahaha… so true. My husband walks meanders around the house with literally a tissue sticking out of his nose hole when he has the sniffles in hopes that I’ll notice that he is sick. 😀

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