“Men, Women & Children” by Chad Kultgen


This story is a take on different relationships, though different characters and generations, with the aded layer of social media thrown in the mix. I like the mirror writing, showing how each party involved perceives a situation. The book is written in such a way that the reader empathizes with most, if not all characters. It has everything: social pressure, the importance of image, the need to perform, the search for who we really are, the pursuit of (a) happiness, the resilience of everyday life. I loved it. This was not a novel to me, this was a snapshot of people’s lives. The characters might have been on the extreme side of the spectrum, but all readers can identify with parts of them.  I felt that this book is a good read for parents with tweens, because it reinforces that our kids are growing up and we cannot avoid it, or remove them from the technology whirlwind around them. It doesn’t give answers about how to handle teenagers, peer pressure, or social media, but it’s just good to be reminded that all these things are here, they’re not going away and we will have to face them. However we choose to do it is up to us.  I don’t know how to put it, there’s something about this book that resonates, and the sometimes crude writing doesn’t take anything away.  This book definitely makes me want to buy Chad Kultgen’s other novels.

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