Mommy and me – part one

When you have several kids, it’s not always easy to find enough free time to spend quality moments with each and everyone of them. A Quality moment means you are doing something that your child enjoys, the mood is light, you feel you are in the best possible company, there is no shame or anger involved, no power struggle, no attitude from either side. And most definitely, no shouting!

Today, all the boys were busy with social outings so it was the perfect opportunity to take my daughter out on a “Mommy and Me” time. Quality moment: here we come!!!

“What would you like to do?” I asked my little princess.

“I want to buy a guitar.” She has started guitar lessons and her teacher advised that I get her a small guitar so she can practice. She gave me a few pointers about what to do:

Don’t spend too much money

Do get an acoustic guitar

Do buy the biggest picks you can find

Well, that’s all fine, but she forgot a major ingredient: the color! My daughter’s nickname is “The princess of pink” and that’s not for nothing!

As soon as we stepped in the shop, I grabbed a salesman because I am clueless.

“I need a cheap acoustic guitar with big picks for my four year old.” Just so you know, I am aware that the picks come separate, but I just thought he needed as much information as possible…

“Come with me” And he led us to the back of the store. While he grabbed a couple of models, my daughter said to him, “I want a pink guitar” OK!!! That’s gonna be easy…

“We don’t have any pink acoustic. Just try these ones.” Obviously, the guy had no idea who he was dealing with.

“No, I want a pink guitar.”

The sales guy looked at me for help but nope! Not gonna happen! I know when a battle is not worth fighting so I am not even going to get involved in that argument. He went on,

“We have a purple one here, if you want…” Nice try, but…

“No, I want a pink guitar.” I decided to step in because I really did not want to spend my day in the shop.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a pink guitar by any chance?”

“Yes, I do. But it’s electric.”

“Then, that’s what we’ll buy.”







I won’t bother describing the argument about picks because it’s kind of the same story. In the end, we bought the small ones, because guess what color they were?





As for the bag to carry the guitar: no luck! They only come in black. But worry not, we are all geared up to brighten it up a little…






So that was part one of “Mommy and Me” time.  I can’t say there was no shame, or no attitude, but there was definitely no anger, or shouting. No, we saved that for part two of our special time…

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