My doctor is so mean…

A few days ago, I went to my surgeon, to see how my right thumb was doing. Given that I cut one of my tendons a few weeks ago, it’s fair to say it’s not doing great… At least, that’s how I see it, and perception is everything, right?. And all I am asking for is a little sympathy! That’s all! “Oh, poor you! It must be so hard!” You know, that kind of stuff. I am not being a baby, at all. Nononononono!!! I am just milking a really good opportunity to sit and moan.

I could not fool my surgeon, though…  And man! Was I in for a tough ride!  Basically, he said that I was behaving like a baby, and I better get that thumb moving quickly. “Use it or lose it” was the message.  In a nutshell.


So after I cried buckets of tears (not true, but I was really tempted to make him eat my stitches…), he proceeded on with how most people at my stage are able to use their thumb almost normally. Pfffff, what does he know?! Seriously?!! I know he is a hand surgeon, but that does not make him an expert…

Then, he said that I should not expect to get the full range of movement back, because I was not fourteen anymore. OBVIOUSLY?!

As I looked really shocked  (I was not worried about the thumb thing, I was offended by him commenting on my age) he went on to explain that people over forty don’t heal as well anymore. OVER FORTY?!!! It’s one thing to tell me I am not fourteen anymore, because it’s quite obvious. But over forty?! Really?!! What a cheek….

Well, I am over forty, but I don’t need reminders, I know!!! Man, what have I done to that guy…

Finally, as if all this was not bad enough, he concluded our appointment with, “By now, you should be able to do the dishes again…” Oh yeah? I wonder who put those words in his mouth. I bet you my husband and he are in cahoots… Because how could the doc know that I am not lifting any of my other nine fingers at home, unless someone grassed me up?!! Huh!!! Men are just unbelievable!

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