My four year old keeps outsmarting me… Take Two!

I have to get clever with my daughter. She has totally mastered adults and their pitfalls and I fall in the trap every single time.

Yesterday, she was nagging me because she wanted to use the iPad and I wanted her to wait a little. I pretended it was for educational purposes; something along the lines of “I don’t want my kids to spend all their time on electronics”. But the truth is, I wanted to postpone the use of electronics until I NEEDED her on it. I had some work to do later on and that’s when I wanted some peace. I know, it is terrible to admit to such selfish, evil plan. But it’s ok, I know you all do the same…

So anyway, my little princess was having none of it.

“Mom, Can I get on the iPad now?”

“No, just wait a second.”

“But mom, when can I go on the iPad?”

“In a second, I said”

“But when?” Obviously, we have a communication problem here!

“Do you know what it means to wait a second?” I said, starting to feel impatient.

“Yes. It means that mom is going on a computer” She answered, looking straight at my face. What a cheek!

The boys were rolling on the floor laughing, high fiving her.

“What’s so funny?” I said quite annoyed to be the laughing stock of my three kids.

My ten year old, who fears no one and would never pass on an opportunity to put his mom back in her place, volunteered to explain,

“Well, that’s what you say whenever you are on the computer. You stay on it for HOURS and if ask you something, you always go, “Wait a second!”” And the three of them resumed their hysterical laughing.

Surely, it’s not possible that my four year old would come up with that all by herself. Someone put her up to this. Although the thought of my own family plotting against me is rather unpleasant, it is a better prospect than her working this out by herself at such a young age. Because if it is the case, I think I have some fun, fun, FUN years ahead of me! No point trying to get to the bottom of it though, these three monkeys were enjoying my little humiliation far too much.  So I got up, went to retrieve my secret chocolate stash and stuffed my face in my bedroom to try to forget that I can’t beat my four year old wittiness…

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