My kids are from a different time zone…

I have become a strong believer of the fact that everything in our daily life can be explained scientifically. Up until then, I was not so sure given that there could be no logical explanation for the disappearance of socks in the washing machine. But now that I finally cracked the mystery and solved this on-going investigation (see previous post), I am a convert that everything is scientific!

So I have made it my mission to piece together all the unsolved questions in my life as a mother, in an effort to help others who are faced with the same issues but are just simply too tired to make any sense of it all…

One of my biggest question marks as a mom is: Why ON EARTH do my kids wake up so early in the morning? This cannot be explained by genetics. QUITE OBVIOUSLY!! I as a child never got up early. As an adult, don’t even get me started. The freedom of sleeping in on a Saturday without a parent to shout your name at 11am because “you are wasting your life in bed” was so precious… My husband is not as lazy as I am. But still not the kind of guy who is going to be up at 6am on the week end.

Yet, all of our kids were super early risers when they were tiny – our eldest would get up at 5am or 6am with his batteries fully charged for the day. Even now, it is really hard to keep these boys in bed past 7am.

According to me, my children are a good two hours ahead of what they should be. So the question is: are they from a different time zone? We were living in England when the boys were born. So that would mean that they are from the time zone of Botswana, or South Africa, or Swaziland! Sounds odd, but you cannot argue with my scientific discovery that SURELY, this is the only plausible explanation.

Where science gets even more confusing is when it comes to my daughter: she was born in America, yet she too seems to be a couple of time zones ahead of me. But when researching which places she would be from, here is what I found: she comes from the middle of the Atlantic… She seems to agree with that because she believes that she is a mermaid so it’s fine by her!

I know it’s not ideal, but I have to count my blessings that my kids decided to settle for a two time zone difference. Because I remember quite painfully that for the first few months of their life, these guys seemed to be on Australian time and that was a little too much!!


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