New Year’s resolution

I am sorry. Truly. I was racking my brain to find an original post for the first of January that did not have the words “New Year” and “Resolutions”  in it. But I came up with … nothing. So I guess the first stuff that should go on my list for 2014 is: be more creative!

I have been making good resolution lists for a while now, and have not managed to stick with anything passed January. But this year is going to be different. I will not set myself up for failure. So I will remove from my 2014 list the following recurring items:

– Be more patient with the kids – Who am I kidding? Ten years I have had this on my list and I have not made one bit of positive progress on the topic. But this year I have learnt. Forget all that. It’s like asking a fish to live without water. I am going to be as impatient as I please…  You have been warned…

– Exercise more. AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have given up my gym membership a few months ago and my dad is sending me parcels filled with French chocolates every month so YEAH!!! Exercise more is definitely OUT!

– Be organized. Pfffff, what does that even mean? I have worked VERY hard all year to make people accept that I am not organized anymore. So I would not want to destroy all that hard work now, would I? No! This year, I am simply going to give up and enjoy my own chaos.

So what am I going to put on my list then? Anything that involves cooking (cooking more, cooking healthier, cooking more healthier…) is out of the question. I HATE cooking.

Maybe I should try not to use the word “hate” in 2014 …. nah! Hate that thought…

Oh, I have a really good idea. My one and only resolution this year is going to be more selfless. you know, be aware of the people around me and their needs, before mine. Does it mean that as of now, I cannot tell everybody to bugger off when I want to blog, or check my facebook page? Or that I have to offer to help my husband when he cooks dinner? Or that I have to let a driver squeeze in front of my car when they are trying to cut a traffic line. Hum…. Sounds very challenging. Especially in New Jersey! I don’t think that’s gonna work. Being selfless seems to imply a certain level of patience – and I have none. it’s not my fault, I was born without the ability to wait.

This is proving very difficult…

“What can mommy do to be a better mom in 2014?” I turned to my kids for help.

“Spend less time on your computer like you always tell us to.” That was Kyle’s suggestion. He is lucky I am in a good mood, otherwise, he would have been punished…

The other kids thought it would be wiser not to speak their minds … Good!

I don’t want to ask my husband. I am too afraid he might have a full list of stuff that I am clearly not prepared to admit to. I have until the end of the day to come up with something. If you have any suggestion, please let me know. My criteria are simple: I am looking for something non committal, easy to achieve,  that requires no effort on my part. Any thoughts?


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