Today, I took the kids to a petting farm. Skye watched a million chicks (well not quite that many, but still, A LOT!!) huddling to stay warm, eating and drinking. They fed the rabbits and goats, watched the ponies…

IMG_0594 (600x800)






It was fun, it was free, and most importantly for me: it was safe!. And by that, I mean that no one was going to bug me to buy toys, or junk food. I was not going to have to fight any of the battles I usually fight when we go anywhere. So safe it was! OR WAS IT?!!!

Well, it was…. until Jake spotted that sign….

IMG_0595 (800x357)





Oh Man!!! Are you serious?!! What do you think the rest of our trip was like? It sounded something like:

“Mom, can we get one, please, please, pleeeaaazzzeeeee?”


“But why? Oh come on, mom, just one”


“But mom!!!!”

And replay that same conversation for about an hour.

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