And I mean NO MORE!!!

Last week, my husband went shopping with the boys. This is always a fairly dangerous combination. Because you can pretty much guarantee that the kids will nag Stuart to go to the art shop. Stuart never falls for the boys’  compulsive buying demands. But he has a weakness for art. He loves drawing so he can never resist a trip to the art shop. And that always ends up being a really expensive stop… If you think I am exaggerating, ask yourself this question: how many pens is enough? 20? 50? What’s your number? In our house, try A BAZILLION!!!







So surely enough, the three of them showed up with bags filled with pens and paper pads. The boys threw their coats on the floor (usual ritual in my house: kids throw their coats on the floor. Mom gets annoyed and lectures, swearing she will not pick up the coats. After half an hour, mom gives in and picks them up because everybody is too busy with their stuff). But that’s a whole entire post all by itself so let’s focus on the issue at hand! Like I said, they threw their coats on the floor and started their frantic drawing. It’s like they were on a mission to finish the paper pads before the end of the day.

Meanwhile, I could hear Stuart and Skye in the kitchen, chatting away. It sounded like they were very busy doing something. But what?

Well, I’ll tell you what: they were sticking snowmen stickers and Santa stickers all over the kitchen: windows, fridge, doors… You might not understand why this is a total disaster for me so let me explain by going back six years…

The boys were three and four then. In those days, they would come in my bedroom every morning at 6am – week ends included. One Sunday morning though, they did not  come at the crack of dawn. When I eventually woke up around 7am, I was in a complete panic. Where were my kids? What happened? I jumped out of bed and started to search for them frantically. I found the two of them downstairs, in the lounge. They were both giggling, and there was an indescribable mess of little pieces of paper all around. Then I saw my windows: they were COVERED in dinosaur stickers. And I mean C.O.V.E.R.E.D. Hundreds of stickers, all over the windows.

I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. As I had not had coffee yet, I thought crying might be just easier…But, a split second before I engaged into my complete breakdown, I looked at my boys. They were both so, so, so proud of themselves, waiting for me to react. So I decided to laugh my head off and congratulate them on their great art! Wow they were so happy. So much so, that they ran upstairs with their box of stickers and proceeded on decorating my bedroom windows … all four of them…

It was cute and all that. But what was not so cute was the time and effort it took me to get rid of these stickers. Five years. It took me five years. Hours of scrubbing and trying the latest products on glue, goo and any material removal. And let me tell you, NOTHING works on dinosaur stickers that have been drying in the sun for a long period of time.

Now I hope you understand why I was not so thrilled to see Skye and Stuart sticking snowmen all over the kitchen. I warned them, I will not clean that mess. No way!

“Listen to me the two of you. It might sound like fun, but cleaning that mess is really hard. Don’t you count on me to do it!”

“But mom…”

“No Skye, I won’t do it. I have done this once and I won’t do it again. You have been warned.”

“But hun…” Oh now my husband was siding against me!

“Ah don’t you start! I am telling you, you better be ready to clean these windows for the next five years, because I won’t”. I was not going to let them drag me in their mess, was I? No! I was going to stand my ground!!!

By now, they were both looking at me like I was crazy.

“Why are you looking at me like I am nuts?” I said, still angry. “Do you not remember the dinosaur stickers? I mean COME ON!”

“Oh yeah, I do remember!”

“SO?!! Am I being unreasonable?”

“Ergh, yeah. Skye, why don’t you tell mommy?”

“Tell me WHAT?”

“Mom, they are not stickers. They are magnets.”

“Oh…. Well… Whatever…” That’s all I could come up with…

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