Nobody packs like a mom!!!

I am the queen of packing. No one can beat me. I don’t mean to brag, but I have a complete idiot proof system in place. In a moment of selflessness and kindness, I have decided to share my method with you. For free. Just because I am that kind of person … You are welcome…

When you pack, the key is: start with the details and then work your way up the chain. Because you are a lot less likely to forget a big thing, than you are to leave behind a tiny stuff. As you begin your planning process (big expression for throwing clothes in a big bag), you are only able to think straight for the first five minutes, so use these wisely by working on the details. After five minutes, the cat has jumped in the bag, the small kids are “helping” you by taking everything out of the bag and the big ones disagree with everything you put in.

First, start with underwear, socks and shoes. Then work your way up to shorts, trousers, and tee shirts. It’s a little difficult as you are not really able to tell which shoes you are going to take until you have chosen which outfit. But it’s better to look like a clown than to go bare feet…

Same logic with the wash bag: pack the toothbrush and toothpaste first, and then deo / make up / cream / second. Raise your hand the ones who always forget their toothbrush? Yeah! Exactly, so trust me, put it in there first. After you are done, REMEMBER to put the wash bag in the suitcase. It’s like packing within packing, it’s a little tricky.

Finally, apply this method to your accessories. Pack your plug converter and phone charger first. You are highly unlikely to forget your computer or phone.  The same cannot be said of these little yet vital objects.

Trust me! I have just packed for Europe. I used my super method and I am pleased to report that I ALMOST got it all right. There is just one teeny weeny detail I overlooked this time: I did pack my plus converter, I have my laptop. I just forgot my power cord… Which makes everything else totally useless.

So if you see no posts from me for a while, it’s not laziness. It’s sheer stupidity!


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