Oh Snow! So white and beautiful…

Isn’t it what everybody thinks whenever snow is mentioned: “Oh we are having a white Christmas”, “It’s a winter wonderland”. Every poem about the snow is an elegant description of beauty at its peak. Pure, beautiful, clean beauty. Take this one, for example, titled: The snow (by Katniss Everdeen)

See the snow
Its a blanket, soft and white,
Falling slow
Covering the world, making it bright


How about this one, titled… The Snow (by Edith Willis Linn Forbes)

Folding the earth in its mantle,

Pure and undefiled,

Soft in its own clear whiteness,

As the cheek of an innocent child,

The snow o’er the world is falling…

Not convinced? Let me give you one more example. This poem is titled …. Ready for it… The Snow (by Watie W. Swanzy):

Oh, the white falling snow,
So still and so gentle,
Upon all you bestow
Sweet Purity’s mantle!

See what I mean? Somehow, all this implies that the snow is this nice beautiful blanket that wraps the world with its white beauty and all is quiet, beautiful and peaceful. (Hey, maybe that should be a poem by Nadege Nicoll. I’ll call it: The Snow).

After all, don’t we all use the expression, “It’s as white as snow” to imply super-duper-extra white?

Like my car, for example, who has been covered with the beautiful white pure coat and now looks like that…







Or the roads around here who look soft, wrapped in their clear whiteness…







How about my beautiful backyard, whose pure beauty is further enhanced by … animal’s poop…






As for calm and peace, I don’t know about you, but where I live, snow means: chaos on the road, hours of shoveling, and plows making a racket all night long. So… Yeah… Anyone wants to write a poem about that?

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