On top of the world….

Well, at least a little closer!!! pumpkin1





The kids and I went pumpkin picking today. I am sorry to make you do homework on my blog, but here is a little math question: we paid 23 dollars for our pumpkins and they cost 65 cents a pound. How many pounds of pumpkins did we get? Yes, you are right: 35 pounds!!! And you know what’s going to happen to these 35 pounds of pumpkins. Soup? No!  Pumpkin pie? Try again! Pumpkin juice? (does that even exist?) Nope! These 35 pounds are going to turn into a squirrel feast!! We will put them outside for Halloween and the squirrels will feast on them until they become the size of overweight bears!

So tonight, I can go to sleep feeling good (NOT) that I spent 23 dollars to feed the squirrels in my neighborhood. Maybe that’s what Skye was thinking about when she was contemplating the pumpkin patch: Is this what squirrel paradise looks like?


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