Portable potties are disgusting

Well, that’s pretty obvious. Even my kids find them gross. Usually, they enjoy any joke, story, or movie that has a potty word. But portable potties are totally, totally off limits.

We have one just outside our house. Not for decoration! In case you are in my neighborhood and are wondering why that thing is still there…  But because we were having some work done at the house. Now that the work is finished, we asked for the potty to be removed. So this morning, I hear a loud noise in my drive. I am thinking, “Man! they are fast, already removing the potty!”

Well, not just yet. Not. Just. Yet. It is a truck for the potty, all right! But not for removing… For emptying. I can hear you going, “Pheww! Disgusting!”. Well, I am not quite done yet…

To empty the potty, you need to vacuum whatever is in there out and it goes into a big container on a truck. There are not many ways to empty a potty so I suppose that’s fair enough. But WHY, OH WHY would the container be see-through? huh?! Who dreamed that idea? Imagine driving behind that?! I know one thing for sure: NOBODY wants to see what’s in that container!! Not even my kids whose dream toys are whoopee cushions.

And to top it all, I had to make that amazing,- yet disgusting discovery just before breakfast… Not a good start of the day if you ask me..

potty (533x800) (2)

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