Pretty Cool – part 2

So as I was saying yesterday, we went to see the Tour de France in Valbonne.  In my previous post, I was telling you about the sponsors. How fun it was to look at all their funky cars and try to grab as many freebies as we could. After that, we had to wait for a whole hour. There was a policeman posted ahead of everybody so he could see when anything was coming and warn the public (i.e. us!). At the beginning, anytime he would blow his whistle, we would line up and start chanting and screaming. And every single time it was either a car, or a motorbike. I mean, it’s a cycling race, yet most things on the track have an engine! Makes you wonder… After an hour of hearing the whistle every two minutes, we were not paying much attention anymore. Then it sounded like the guy had swallowed his whistle. He would not stop. So we turned to look – yet another couple of motorbikes with bright lights on them. And all of a sudden, out of nowhere, all the cyclists, all at once! They were so close to one another it seemed like they were all moving together. Like a very overcrowded carrousel. And then, in the blink of an eye, they were gone. The whole thing was over.  Wow!! It was very, very impressive.

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