Pretty cool


Yesterday, we did something really amazing: we went to see the Tour de France. The Tour de France is a cycling race that takes place every year, in France (obviously!). The participants cycle around the country. The race lasts about three weeks and during that period of time, they have to do just under 2,000 miles. Ouch!! That’s an average of 100 miles a day – and it’s not exactly a flat ground!

But never mind that!!!  Two hours before the cyclists pass, comes the caravan!!! The caravan is made up of all the companies who gave money to organize the tour (they are called sponsors). So they get to make funny cars, and throw goodies at the public- like key rings, caps, etc…  It’s really fun to watch! Check out these cars for example…

DSCN0076 (800x600)DSCN0075 (800x600)DSCN0077 (800x600)





Isn’t this cool? Skye loved it. She was waving at everybody! At some point, some ambulance went passing by and she was waving at it, saying,  “Look, another funny car!!”.

It lasted a little over half an hour, and it was pretty cool. I know I have used that word a lot, but it was! Cool! There, I have said it again…


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