Science is all wrong!

If you are a kid, you are learning about the law of conservation of mass in Science – ouch, sorry, sounds a little bit too much like homework, but it’s only for a second. If you are an adult, you might have forgotten all about it. So let me refresh your memory – with my fifth grader’s help: “No atom can be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction”. Put it simply, nothing disappears, nothing new appears, stuff get transformed.

So someone needs to explain to me what happens in this scientific experiment: put two socks (a set of atoms) and some washing powder (another set of atoms) together in a washing machine and wash (chemical reaction). If science is right, why is it that there is only one sock left at the end of the washing cycle? What happens to the other sock?? It’s not hiding anywhere in the machine, I have searched it many times. It is just simply gone. Disappeared. Vanished.

I think it is fair to say that the law of conservation of mass does not work with socks, I am experiencing it every time. Socks have got to be the exception to the law…


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