Set up for failure…

At some point in my life, I decided that exercising daily was a Must. That’s the moment when I started realizing that I was not getting any younger and therefore, I needed to do stuff that made me believe I still was. Like hanging around in my gym gear all day without make up (What does that have to do with anything, you are wondering? Well, only young people have enough confidence to do that…), go to a gym club full of thirty something, mingle with fit people. And occasionally, do some exercise. But I never made the time for that. Plus, let’s face it, running on a giant rubber band, cycling and rowing fast so you can get quickly to nowhere are pretty boring.  I know it reads I have done three miles. But I have not! I am still in the same spot. Except, red in the face and sweating…

So I cut down my daily ambition to once a week. It would be on Monday, to start the week on a good note. Monday came and went. Oh well, plenty of time to do it tomorrow … or not. There would always be Wednesday. Or I could make the time on Thursday. Although Friday was a good day to exercise. How about the week end? No pressure, plenty of time. Oh man! Were we Sunday night already? And that would pretty much be a typical week for me as far as exercising went.

So when the New Year came, needless to say that I was at my most unfit point. I had not been exercising regularly for a good three months. And let me tell you: it seemed like I had never exercised in my life. I had aches and pains everywhere, felt like I was 84 every time I tried something a tiny bit strenuous. And most definitely, I looked like I was 104. So I thought, “Enough of this! You are too young to let yourself down (I am only fooling myself, I know…), get back on the horse that’s shaped like an elliptical and SWEAT SOME CALORIES LADY!!!”

My resolution was simple so it would be easy to remember: every day, I would do 20 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strengthening. But in order to succeed this time around, I decided on the fine details of my future routine. No more vague commitment like, “I will exercise every day”. No, the new me was going to get up every morning at 6am and exercise before anybody else was up. So no distraction, no going downstairs to check my email first, or do a load of laundry. Nope. Straight out of bed, in my gym gear and on the elliptical. I even considered sleeping with my gym stuff so I would be ready to rock and roll!

The ones who know me are probably laughing so much their tummy is aching. I have never got up earlier than I needed in my life. Ever. And even when I need to get up, I try to find a way out. Like last night, Skye crawled in my bed at 3am. Then she woke me up by sneezing. So I opened one eye and saw her retrieving a booger the size of my pinkie out of her nose. I managed to mumble,

“D’you need a tissue?”

“I don’t know.” She hates blowing her nose but that “thing” she got out was not going to disappear by itself, was it? So I thought of what I could possibly do to avoid getting up and fetching a tissue. Skye could go and get one herself. Except, I would have to get up in fifteen minutes to get her back to bed as she will probably be playing her recorder as loud as possible. So no. Not a good idea. Maybe she could eat it? Tempting, but the stuff was so big she might choke on it. Maybe the cat could eat it? Athena??!! Grr, where is that cat when you need it!!!

Then, genius struck. “Just wipe it on the pillow, honey. It will dry..” And I went back to sleep. So what are my chances of getting up at 6am every morning, to go and do something I don’t like, before I even get a coffee? realistically, zero. Nada. Not a chance in the world…

Let’s check on me! How am I doing on day 9 of this New Year?

Well, first I decided that although a New Year resolution starts on the 1st of January, mine was only going to start on the 6th. Before that, the kids were off, so it felt like I should be off too… So Monday morning (the 6th), I did not get up because I went to bed very late the night before, so really, cut me some slacks… Tuesday, Stuart forgot to set the alarm for me so I did not wake up. Not my fault though!!. Wednesday, I don’t remember why I did not exercise. Something happened, I am sure, I just don’t know what! And this morning, I thought I could exercise in the evening when the kids are doing their guitar – which of course I did not because, because, you know…. So yeah, you know, there has been a few glitches so far, but I still have 356 days to go, so what if I missed nine sessions. It’s nothing really…

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