Seven signs That Today’s Just Not A Good Day . . .

Do you ever wake up with the feeling that today is going to be a bad day, and are proven right within five minutes of stepping out of bed?

I do. I think I have a skill for smelling a c$@p day in my sleep. Not sure how I can use that newfound super power yet, but it’s a super power nonetheless.

The other day, I woke up, and somehow I knew I should stay in bed and let the next twelve hours pass. Tomorrow could only be better. But I didn’t follow my instinct and the following events unfolded:

  1. The cat was mad at me because I didn’t get up early enough to feed her – lazy me, I only rolled out of bed at 6am! That part is not different from any other morning, but what was a little original on that day, is that the furry monster had clawed my brand new Belgium linen covered bench. How did she know the fabric was so expensive is baffling me, but she knew. I could see it in her evil eyes that were saying, “That will teach you to buy Belgian linen covered anything”
  2. The same cat had peed next to her litter, because who knows? She’s just obnoxious and horrible so she can do that.
  3. Meanwhile, the dog had been busy searching through the trash can that someone must have left a tinsy bit open. He had emptied the entire content on the floor and dragged whatever he could to his crate, leaving a long trail of tomato soup and yogurt stains on the floor and rug.
  4. The coffee machine refused to work. I could have coffee if I wanted to, but in a powder form, with a spoon.
  5. As the school bus pulled in front of my house, my son was in his underwear, with no socks, trousers or shirt. He did have one shoe on though, so high five for effort! Because I couldn’t have coffee, I was completely numb to the situation, “Sure, honey, you can go to school like that, no one will notice”
  6. When I drove the other kids to school, I reversed into a trash can outside and drove all the way to school with trash attached to my rear bumper.
  7. After a long traumatic two hours of getting the kids kinda ready and at school – even though it might not have been the right school, I went upstairs for a well-deserved shower, where my lovely cat had left a nice present for me, in the form of a pile of puke. I was so fed up with that vile four legged devil! I called her to give her a piece of my mind. But she just turned around, lifted her tail to show me her butt, and went on to her next mischief . . .

At this point, frankly, even if the coffee machine had decided to make my coffee and deliver it to me, in bed, with a nice brunch tray, even if the invoices had decided to pay themselves, house to auto clean and kids to handle one another, nothing could bring a smile on my face. I was just done.

Maybe when I feel a day like this coming, I should not get out of bed anymore until somebody else steps into pee, puke, and dirty yogurt. Although I’m not even sure anybody else notices around here . . .

cat1 Evil cat, wanting to kill me


  1. Lisa Kunish says:

    Athena looks positively evil!!!

  2. Love it…you do cheer me up with each blog post..thanks a million 😀

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