Should kids be allowed to wear what they like?

Wow!!! That’s an interesting question. I for one want to teach my children not to judge others by the way they look. And also, I want to let them express their creativity and taste. So wearing what they like should be fine. After all, what does it matter if the tee-shirt they choose does not match their pants? So what if Skye wears a tutu with wellingtons? I can be cool mom and let my kids be who they want to be. On the other hand,  is there a line that they should not be crossing? Is there such thing as being too creative? I did not think so. Until Skye came up with these outfits:



That’s my little princess, in a party dress, with wacky socks, shingards and sneakers….







And that’s Snow White, in soccer cleats…





Now I really don’t know anymore: is this creative? or is this just too much?!!!

What’s the most outrageous (that means wackiest!!) outfit you ever wore?

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