Should supermarkets be a no-kid-zone?


Who wants to come to the supermarket with mom? Nobody? Well, that’s a good job, because for once, I agree with my kids: I don’t want them to come either! Going food shopping in itself is not fun. Going with kids is torture. If I take the boys, I am sure to end up with a shopping cart twice as expensive as normal and filled with all the stuff I don’t want: twenty different types of chips, fizzy drinks, cookies with colors that should never been anywhere near food. If I go with Skye, I end up with the same kind of junk filled trolley. But on top of it I have to open every single pack of whatever I buy, because she wants it there and then. And I really can’t face a kid-rolling-on-the-floor moment. And anyway, this is a much better option than when she decides she wants to push the trolley instead. Skye is three, she can’t see above the trolley, can’t steer straight and does not want any help. So on these days, if you value both your feet, don’t step in the supermarket until Skye and I are gone!

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