Sock Mystery SOLVED!!!!!!!

A few days ago, I wrote an article about how the law of  conservation of mass was not all that accurate. It does not work for socks. Because for the past ten years, I have had socks going missing in the washing so OBVIOUSLY, some stuff do disappear….

Well, it is now time I eat humble pie and admit that I might have been a little wrong – if there is such thing. Here is what happened…

Yesterday, as I was standing in the laundry room, I saw a big ball of hairy fluff on the side of my washing machine. Once I established that it was not alive (by screaming uncontrollably while hitting the thing with a broom), I decided to vacuum it out of my sight. So I did just that. And to make sure there were no other hairy fluffy things anywhere else, I vacuumed the back of the washing machine. Then it sounded like something was obstructing the end of the vacuum so I pulled it back toward me and THERE IT WAS: A LONG LOST SOCK!!!! So I reached out back again and pulled another one! and another one! I got thirteen in total!!!







It would be such great news if only I did not throw away the other sock in the pair that had been on its own for all these years…

So my apologies to Antoine Lavoisier (who discovered the law of conservation of mass), I didn’t mean any offense. I don’t use these words very often but you were right and I was wrong. There! I said it!

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