Spring is in the …. bathroom

I am not kidding you!!! I have a little flowery plant that Skye gave me for Mother’s day last year. During spring and summer, it has pink-ish / red-ish flowers. And during the winter, it’s pretty dull with just green leaves.  Say what you want, but I think that this plant has got some magic powers, and I have proof!

First of all, it is upstairs, in my bathroom. And up there lives a monster who destroys everything remotely valuable – whether monetary or otherwise. That monster is in the form of a cat called Athena.






Now you know, I am not exaggerating…

So far, Athena has pooped all over my Persian rug, clawed to its early death my beautiful, expensive and brand new sophisticated chaise, and eaten an entire tree that I had nurtured for five years. And in case you are wondering if I have one of these scratchy thingies that cats use when they go through their daily nut phases of destroying stuff, I do. It’s brand new and Athena has NEVER touched it. Given how evil my cat is, the little plant that Skye gave me did not stand one bit of a chance to survive. Yet, so far, Athena has not taken it out of its pot, or eaten any part of it. I don’t even think she has peed in it. Nothing. This truly qualifies as some miracle of some sort.

Secondly, when Skye gave me my present, she had just planted a seed in a tiny plastic cup. Obviously, if you want the plant to grow, you have to put it in a proper pot – Even  I know that and believe me, I don’t know much about plants other than if you don’t attend to them, they die… But I never took the plant out of its cup. Because Skye had decorated it so beautifully, there was no way I was going to get rid of it.





Awwwwwww….. So cute…

So I left the seed in its original container and it has grown to a very decent size. Quite surprisingly given that there is hardly any soil in that poor cup. Plus, Skye waters it whenever she fancies. So sometimes it goes for weeks without a drop of water and sometimes, it’s swimming… Yet, despite all this mistreatment, it just keeps on growing.

And finally, this morning when I got up, it looked like that….





Can you see? On the right hand side… A flower! Unbelievable!! Spring already? It must be! It feels  a little early given that we are in January, but I cannot  wait for news of a warmer weather so I’ll take that as a sign. Just to be sure though I looked out the window to double check that it was indeed spring. And here is what my drive looked like this morning…






Mmm… Some spring it is…

So what’s going on? There are only two possibilities: either my bathroom is in a time zone of its own, or this plant is indeed magic.

It’s hard to tell which one it is. I am tempted to say that the plant has got some powers given ALL the evidence I just laid out. I mean, if that’s not proof, I don’t know what is… On the other hand, I just remembered that last night, in the said bathroom, Skye told me out of the blue, “Mom, you look like a grandma”. Hum! How sweet!! So I am thinking, that maybe, that bathroom is in the twilight zone…

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