study about pets and stress: part three

So far, we have established that:

– dogs don’t know stress

– fish might experience some stress when first adopted. But they eventually get to know their owner (how that happens is a total mystery…) and then become as chillax as a dog

Now let’s study our last species: cats. Do cats get stressed?

I don’t know about your cat, but mine is just CRAZY! From the moment she gets up, to the time she goes to sleep (which I think is never, because she spends the entire night chasing dust specks…), she is totally hyper. No, that’s not even the right word. She always looks like she is ready to jump. What’s the word for that? Oh, I know!!! C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!!

I mean, just take a look at these. This is Athena resting…




Does she look relaxed to you?


This is her chilling by the window…




Yes, that’s chilling for her! Does not look too chillax to me…


That’s her sharing a meal with her friend Noodle (Oh, don’t even ask about Noodle! I have a blog post coming about her!)



Would you want to eat with somebody who is always looking over her shoulder?



And that’s her, walking in the house, minding her own business…



Pretty scary huh? Now you know why I am afraid of my cat…




It’s no wonder Athena hates my dog Pepper. She is jealous; she wishes she was as cool and relaxed as he is. Not a chance in the world my four-legged friend. Not with those eyes…

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