Study about pets and stress – part two

In my last post, I was studying whether dogs feel stressed. Based on my own pet, I concluded that dogs are pretty chillax, and stress is not really something that bothers them too much.

Let’s move on to the second part of my very scientific (not) study: stress and fish.

Do fish experience stress? Well, it might surprise you, but yes they do! And I am not even joking. When we got our fish, the first two ones we bought were little bright blue fish. Man they looked really good in the shop. When we arrived home, we put them in our tank and could not believe it: they were gray! Seriously! This made no sense at all. A few days later, we went back to the fish store and told the guy that somehow, our fish had lost their color on the way home. He laughed and explained that when these fish were stressed, they would lose their color. Sounds crazy, right? But it is so true. When we came home, we hid in a corner of the corridor and looked at the fish without being seen. They were their bright, beautiful blue. As soon as we came out of our hiding place and they saw us (or smelled us or heard us, I am not sure how they knew we were there…), they became gray again. Too funny!! So see, fish get stressed!

Not anymore though. Now, they are so used to us that they don’t even care if the cat jumps on their tank.  I shoved a camera in their face to try to stress them out (I know, it’s not very nice, but it’s for the purpose of my research) but nope … still bright blue and still don’t care… Take a look:

IMG_0905 (800x600)IMG_0913 (800x600)







I don’t know if it’s my imagination playing tricks on me, but I could hear them saying, “Whatever dude!” when I was trying to get their attention…

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