Syrian Families: Sometimes, It’s The Little Things . . .

As a mom, I never want my children to feel they cannot be part of something. I want them to belong and not experience any kind of rejection, especially in the school environment. My kids know this too well and have learnt how to use and abuse my weakness. If they want something, all they have to say is, “But Mom, everybody’s got it” and I just melt. Sure I’ll argue a bit, and pretend I don’t care what other parents do. But the truth is, no kid of mine is going to sit something out if I can help it.

I know you feel the same. No mother wants their kids to be left out. Our Syrian moms don’t want that either. Yet, whenever a school activity is organized, it’s nearly impossible for their children to participate, because nobody can explain to the parents how to be a part of it.

But all that was before. Before Wafa made sure this wouldn’t happen again. The thing I love most about Wafa is that she gets sh*t done! If you tell her you need something, then consider it sorted. Nothing stops Wafa until she gets results. And that is that!

When she heard that kids were being excluded from certain aspects of school life because they and their parents didn’t understand what was expected of them, she set off on a mission. She established communications with the teachers, and the parents. If one needed to tell something to the other, they would text Wafa with their questions,  documents, or requests. Wafa would translate, and help both parents and kids complete whatever would need completing.

Next week, some schools are going to make gingerbread houses. A fun, creative and social activity that nobody should miss. Our Syrian little friends now have all the equipments they need: candy canes, gum drops and other yummy treats. They will fully participate, like all the other children, and will have a blast decorating their own little house. Thanks to Mrs G, the teacher, who sent her instructions so that Wafa could translate them. Thanks to the Syrian moms, who got in touch with one another to see who had received the same document and explained what they needed to do. Thanks to Wafa who went above and beyond and bought all the supplies.

It might not sound much. But sometimes, it’s the little things that make you feel  you belong.

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  1. Sudha Iyer says:

    Great work by Wafa, Rana and Nadege! Helping one another is what this country stands for. We are glad to be able to help in whatever way we can..

    • Nadege Nicoll says:

      What makes this great is the dedication of amazing volunteers like you who give your time and attention to this amazing crowd of people we work with. You are such a pillar of this project. Thank you.

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