Syrian Families: When Achievements Start Rolling In

Very much the same as there are no small good deeds, every achievement deserves a platform. As we continue to support the Syrian families to the best of our abilities, we are so proud of everything they do, every stride they take, and every hurdle they climb. God knows these guys have been through much and yet, they keep surpassing themselves, ploughing through the obstacle course, knocking walls down, one by one.

With this post, I want to celebrate their victories. No matter how small some might look, they are another step toward greater things. So in no particular order, I am very happy to report that over the past few weeks:

  1. A kid was honored by the school district for his academic achievement. Which in itself is quite fantastic given that a year ago, that child didn’t know much English, but it’s also the second time this honor is granted to him.
  2. A dad passed his driver’s license with flying colors. If that feels like nothing to you, try and get yours in Arabic and let me know how that goes . . .
  3. Everybody’s English has progressed so much that we are now able to communicate basic things without any translators.
  4. Another kid is applying for college. She wants to be a doctor, no less!

As we get to communicate more now that language barriers are falling down, we hear the stories of these families in transit, for years, sometimes with no education for the children. I lie awake at night, and try to imagine what it would feel like if a rocket hit my house. How would I find the strength to keep smiling? How would I retain some sense of humor? I don’t know that I could, but these guys do.

To all of them,  you have embellished the world in so many ways. You keep touching every one of us with your grace.  You and your kids deserve to be showered with goodness.

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