The anti-wind up device has arrived!

Oh my! It’s so great!! Where do I start?!! I have just received the BEST present on the planet and through the ages: the exercise bracelet thingy. You know what I am talking about? It’s a bracelet that you wear and it monitors your level of exercise. IT IS GENIUS!!!

My husband bought me one for Christmas. I left it in its box for three weeks because I felt SO INSULTED by this gift. What was Stuart thinking? I don’t exercise enough? I need to shape up? I am lazy? All of these are true, but I am his wife! No man in his right mind implies stuff like that to his wife, let alone says it with an exercise bracelet. So I would say that, arguing about why your husband thinks you need it is the only downside. Other than that, it is great!

My husband said that it would motivate me to achieve my New Year resolution. Let me remind you what my New Year resolution is: roll out of bed at 6.30 am and pack in 30 minutes of exercise. EVERY MORNING. And while I am at it, let me check on how I am doing on day 16 of the year: I have been really, really, really busy sleeping until 7am every morning. But I am not giving up! Because I have also decided to be an optimist this year. However, even when trying to see the positive in everything, I am obviously not off to a great start… So yeah, I can do with a little motivation, I suppose…

Here is how it works: you go on the internet to set up your bracelet. During that process, you are asked to choose a target, up to 5,000. What’s that measure exactly? I am not quite sure… Could it be calories burnt? Number of steps taken? No clue. But it says that the majority of women my age (cheeky bugger, I might be whatever age, but I am so much younger inside!) choose about 2,500. HA! Well, the majority of women my age can EAT MY DUST. I am going to go higher, I am going to fly with the younger league, I am up for the challenge. Let’s show these guys they know nothing about women my age. So I set my target at 4,000! I don’t even know what I committed myself to, but it felt sooooo good. Then I put the bracelet on and LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN.






After two hours of wearing the thing and doing normal household chores, I pressed the button quite excited to see what my number was: 250. So I did a quick calculation: if I want to hit my target without exercising (because that would be defeating the point entirely!) I need to be up on my feet, doing stuff for 16 hours. And at no point can I sit down. And by the way, I have been monitoring the stuff ever since I started this blog, and it’s gone up by …. zero. So, looks like I have a challenge in my hands. But not to worry! I am a very resourceful person. I figured that if I brush my kids’ teeth myself, surely the movement of the hand will add to a significant amount of units. So I started with my daughter and brushed her teeth for a good five minutes. She had clean teeth when I was done for sure!!! But I only gained one unit! ONE UNIT! I have just scratched my head and it went up two! So brushing teeth is definitely a waste of my time…

But then I hit gold. I picked up the clothes that one of my boys had left lying around and took it to the hamper basket. As I was about to lecture my child about leaving his mess, I looked at my bracelet: plus five units!!! Wow! So now I am not going to ask the kids to switch their lights off anymore. Or pick up their stuff. I am just going to run up and down like a maniac. I will be happy at the sound of the TV left on in the basement when I am on the second floor. Because that HAS to be at least 15 points! I am thinking of taking my ironing in the closet one item by one item: A tee shirt: five points. A pair of socks: 5 points. Potentially 10 if I take one sock at a time. I am not going to whine about jackets left on the floor. I won’t say, “I am not your slave” to the kids anymore when they are in the office and scream for a drink. I don’t want any more help in setting the table, I will be really happy to do it myself. OH Man! This is so so great!!!

There is one thing I am NOT doing though;  I am not changing the fish tank water. I am pretty sure it will get me bugger all. So unless it is worth 1,500 points, forget it!

Over the next few days, I am going to “test” the device so I can come up with a plan on how to crank up 4,000 points. Watch this space, it’s going to knock your socks off…




  1. Greetings I found you through Bloggy Moms! Tell how how good is this bracelet ? I had been dying to get one of this. However, I live on Germany and for a couple of months they decline to ship to APO this bracelets.

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