The Christmas card dilemma

It’s that time of the year again. The time where everybody sends holiday greetings to their friends, relatives and neighbors. Every year, I am looking forward to receiving these. I love seeing pictures of people’s family, they are always depicting a happy scene. This is one of these rare occasions where nobody is goofing around, or pulling funny faces. It’s a great tradition…

We don’t have that in France. So in case you wonder why I never send a holiday card, I just want you to know: I am not being rude and obnoxious – at least not on that particular topic! It’s just that I never think about the holiday cards until I receive the first one. By which point it is too late for me to gather the family in front of a semi decent camera, take a picture where everybody has clean clothes, let alone smart ones, print it, put a little personal note and mail it. No way!! I already have to get ready for Christmas because once again, nobody warned me that this was coming until the last minute. So I don’t have any time to deal with the holiday cards.

In France, the tradition is to send New year’s cards, anytime between the 1st and 31st of January. But I never do that either. Because if I did, I would look like I forgot to do a holiday card and I am trying to make it up by inventing some lame cultural excuse as to why I am sending something a month too late. Instead, I just hold my head high in the face of adversity and learn to live with the embarrassment for the whole of December. Then I swear that next year, I won’t let it happen again and that I will be the first one to send Christmas cards. And then I forget and do it all over again. Bear with me, I have only been in this country seven years so I have not got the gist of it yet…


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