The difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit….

I know that you know. I KNOW!!!! But you might not know it all…

In Europe, we measure the temperature in Celsius. Not in the whole of Europe though. English people like to be different so sometimes they use Celsius, sometimes they use Fahrenheit. Go figure… In America, temperature is measured in Fahrenheit.

The bit that you might not know is the answer to this question: why do Europeans use Celsius and Americans use Fahrenheit? You might think you know, but I bet you don’t…

Well, let me tell you, by illustrating with a little example taken out of my morning routine.

Today, I drove my kids to school. Nothing unusual. I was in my pjs – yet again, completely normal for me. when I got in the car, it felt really cold. Like, icicles-are-forming-in-the-garage cold. But having had zero coffee yet, I could not trust my judgment. As I arrived home, back from dropping off the boys, I glanced at the thermometer and here is what it showed…





I was a little surprised. After all, my bathroom plant seemed to indicate that yesterday was the first day of spring (If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to read my previous post). Yet 3 degrees Celsius seemed a little cold for Spring. Then I noticed, what is the “F” next to the temperature… OH….. MY….. Are you kidding me???? It’s not 3 degrees Celsius , it’s 3 degrees F@*$!!!! Which is -16 degrees Celsius. GOOD MORNING SPRING!!!

So what does that have to do with anything? You are probably wondering… Well, it answers the question, pretty, pretty well.

Why do we use Celsius in Europe? Because it is way more dramatic to be -16 than it is to be 3. And we, Europeans, like our drama!

Why do we use Fahrenheit in America? Because when it is 3, the only thing left to say is something that starts with F…

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