The Halloween spirit

This year, for Halloween, I was really prepared and I bought a gazillion pounds of candies. Literally, that much!!! But unfortunately, I ran out! It does not matter how much I buy, I always run out!! Some kids would come and I would be most apologetic, “Please don’t trick me, I don’t have any more candies…”. It never feels good when you break that kind of news to kids…

So I was hiding in my house, trying to pretend I did not exist for the next few hours when my kids came back from their candy hunt. Then, the bell rang. Jake rushed to open the door. “We don’t have any more candies”, I said to him. As he prepared himself to send the kids away with nothing, he was faced with two adorable little butterflies. Oh, they were so cute!! They might have been three or four years old. He could not tell them the bad news so instead, he went to his pillow case (his version of a Halloween bucket), grabbed some candies and gave them to the butterflies. I was so proud of my son for being so kind and sensitive to the feelings of these two little girls.

It made me think how strange our behaviors are though. Because let me tell you, if Skye ever dares grabbing a candy from any of the boys’ pillow cases, she will get a right telling off – cute butterfly outfit or not!!!

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