The Hidden Genius of Dr Seuss

Everybody knows Dr Seuss is a genius. I never met anyone who disagrees with that. His talents are plenty.

The moral of each story tackles deep topics with such ease. What better way to teach kids not to be afraid of one another’s differences than writing a story about a strange looking animal and a pair of empty pants?

He has invented a wide range of vocabulary that only makes you wonder, “Why are these words not in the dictionary?” I swear, sometimes it really feels like I do have a wocket in my pocket.

He has taken learning to a whole new level: counting by competing, using your feet to teach opposites. What kids doesn’t want to do that?

He has given poetry a kid-friendly face,

“And when you’re alone, there’s a very good chance

You’ll meet things that scare you right out of your pants”

His illustrations are simple yet amazingly detailed. His characters are weird looking “things” with even weirder names that you can only love. Their only downside is having to put up with a few years of conversations with your kids, to the tune of,

“Mom, why can’t I have a crumple-horn web-footed green-bearded schlottz for a pet?

– Because they don’t exist.

– Yes they do! It’s in the book. Look!”

I could go on and on about how much I love Dr Seuss’s work. Despite the fact that he is spreading the strange idea of pant eating plants in French forests. I never used to go in French forests though, so it might very well be true.

But, I have to say, the one thing I admire and respect this person the most for, is this: he has invented THE device of the future for moms. NO ONE has ever come close to understanding mothers the way he did. NO ONE. If only someone could bother making his genius machine, life would never be the same . . .

For copyright purposes, I cannot show you the illustration I am talking about, so I will have a go at creating my own version of Dr Seuss’s genius (did I say that already?) idea:

dr seuss

All you do is drive the thing while drinking the coffee that IT MADE for you. I told you, it’s out of this world.



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