The third gender

My four year old daughter just taught me something incredibly valuable: I am not a man (OK, this I knew!!), I am not a woman – that came a little as a surprise.

“So What Am I?” I asked, a little confused.

“You are a mommy!” And I think this pretty much defines it…

Mommies are not persons, or humans, they are this other category: a cross between super heroes and machines…

In case it is not totally obvious, mommies have got super powers. And quite a few, may I add! Moms can be in different places at the same time; in the kitchen cooking the dinner, while in the kids bedrooms doing homework AND in the playroom, entertaining the little one(s). Moms can do more things in five minutes than average humans can manage in a full day. Moms can see in front AND behind them at the same time. They can also see through walls, hear the stuff that kids say in their heads and read minds. So all of this shows that they are above and beyond any normal human being and therefore, they completely qualify as super heroes.

There is also a part of them that is not human. Because, how can anyone run around attending to kids and a house all day, not sleep more than a couple of hours and then do it all over again for the next three? four? more years?, unless they are on a super powerful battery? Who can say the same stuff, ten times in a row, each time, every day, without losing the plot completely? What human surrounded by little germ carriers (i.e. kids) does not get sick just because they can’t, unless they are programmed not to?

I don’t know how my four year old figured that out before me though… But I did notice that she is looking at me funny every time I say,  “Don’t push my buttons!” She has been searching for the so called buttons whenever she sits next to me – Although knowing her, she is probably just looking for an ON/OFF switch, or the MUTE button…




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