The year before the previous year before that….

This time of the year is a good period to reminisce about the past. Even though kids ability to think about previous years is a lot more limited than adults – quite obviously because they have less years to reminisce about, my boys still love to join in the conversation. So we were driving the other day and my husband was trying to remember our past Christmases.

“What did we do last year?” I think his memory is going…. Although I should not make fun, I didn’t remember either. But it’s different, I am a mom…

As it turned out NOBODY could remember. But it came back to me. How could I forget last year?

“Last year, I spent the 25th December sick as a dog in my bed”

“Oh yeah! That was fun!” For real, one of my boys said that.

“Do you remember the time we went to France and Skye was a baby?”  Kyle said.

“Yeah! She was sick and threw up at the dinner table. I remember!” So obviously, anything to do with somebody suffering is really good to help remembering events… Keep that in mind next time you want to build unforgettable moments.

“What about the year before last year?” Jake said.

“What? Which year?”

“The last Christmas before last Christmas?” This was getting clearer and clearer … not

“What do you mean? Two years ago?”

“You know last Christmas? Well, the one before the last one before that. That’s what I mean” Hum, I see….

But then Kyle had a strike of genius and said, “You mean Christmas of 2011. It’s that simple, you know…”

I could not have said it any better… But it was pointless anyway, because nobody remembered what we did then, or where we were…



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