Time for spring cleaning

It’s that time of the year where we are supposed to empty all our closets, give them a thorough clean and vacuum, and put back the exact same amount of junk. Just in a different order, arranged with a different lack of logic. The only purpose of the spring cleaning is to make us feel good that we have accomplished something great. What milestone it this exactly? That is up for debate. Because let me tell you, at the end of my spring cleaning, the mess in the house is still the same, dinner is still not ready and kids are none the wiser. Yet, I am exhausted from all that rearranging that accomplished nothing. So… whatever…

But regardless, I never fail to do my spring cleaning. And last week end was no exception. I started in my daughter’s bedroom and decided to go through her clothes to see what she had outgrown. I was going to do one big bag of stuff to give away. This would clear her clutter really well so I could feel the void with the ten bags of clothes I have been given for her and that are neatly stored (i.e. shoved) under her shelves.

My little princess had decided to help me. That could only mean two things:

– Whatever I would want to give was sure to lead to major temper tantrums and would end up back on her shelves

– Whatever I would decide should remain in the shoved bag for another year would lead to a major temper tantrum and would end up on the shelf.

I could see the already small point of spring cleaning shrinking down to a total waste of time…

To my surprise, it went a lot better than I expected. Skye actually agreed to give some of her clothes. She agreed that this beautiful top that still fits her should not be in her wardrobe any longer…







When I asked why, she said that because clearly, the label indicates that you have to be 34 to wear it, and she in only 4…







Which is why I ended up with this beautiful long sleeve shirt…..









Because it’s for 56 years old. I am NO WHERE near 56, but my too-smart-for-her-own-good of a little girl pointed out that by the time next Halloween comes around, it would be a perfect fit…







As for this cute little top, I am not quite sure why she thinks I should wear it….







It does say you have to be 110, but I thought the rule was the age you are, not the age you look…



  1. Haha! Great writing. And what an absolutely adorable story! Kids are great#

    • nadege nicoll says:

      Thanks! Next time you see a middle aged woman walking with a kid Halloween shirt in the middle of spring, you’ll know why…

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