True state of emergency

The weather is crazy lately. And boy do we know it! It’s all over the news. The temperature goes up and down like a yoyo, it snows, it rains ice, it melts, then it does it all over again. It’s not very consistent, and it’s deeply unpleasant. I get all that. I am the first to moan about it. I cannot stand cold, snow, ice and anything to do with winter. But here is a fact that seems to be forgotten: it is winter in the Northeast!!! I have been in this country for seven years and every year, we have had our fair share of snow, cold weather, torrential rain. It’s just the way it is, really: twelve weeks of yucky weather. Sure, it has been unseasonably cold last week end. But as far as I am concerned, as soon as it goes below 25F, whether it is 15F or 5F does not affect me much. Because it is just frigging cold! I wish I could hibernate, crawl under my bed cover and wake up in April…

All he TV channels talk about our weather. Especially in Europe! My entire family has been calling me over the week end as they are getting alarming reports about what is happening here. And, no wonder they are so freaked out, we have a state of emergency!







Oh yeah! Really! It’s winter guys!! So, hello?! What do you expect?? Now, you are right to think that there is an alarming situation developing. But it’s not weather related…

The REAL problem is that my secret stash of chocolate is dry. empty. Gone. Pffewf. Finito. I shoved the last piece in my mouth three days ago. My new stash that was supposed to refill my pantry is stuck somewhere in a parcel. My dad sent it three weeks ago and it has not showed up yet. I fear for its safe arrival. How can I be expected to survive the winter without my precious French chocolate? Huh? This cannot be! It must be a nightmare that I will wake up from any minute now. I tried to compensate with other sugary treats, but nothing compares to my sweet, delicious, sumptuous, voluptuous (can chocolate be voluptuous?) and just plain yummy chocolates.

Tonight, I will go to bed once more, hoping for their safe delivery tomorrow. Wherever you are, chocolate, you are not alone…

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