We miss you, mom!

As I explained yesterday, I took a little trip to the south of France all by myself while kids and husband were enjoying sunny England. I am not even joking, by the way. It is the first time in the history of us that we go to England to find some warmth and sun… Just goes to show: anything is possible in this world…

The day before I left, my three kids hugged me and looked really sad.

“We are going to miss you so much, mom.”

“We love you!”

“Do you really have to go?”

Did I? I seriously considered canceling the whole trip in the face of so much love! But my husband really, really, REALLY wanted me to go. Mmmmm…. I am not going to try to analyze that…

I left the next day with a heavy heart. I had to go very early but the boys made me promise that I would wake them up to say good bye. As I kissed their sleepy heads and hugged them as tight as I could to wake them up but pretending I did not mean to, they both mumbled, “Mmm love you, mmm”, rolled over on the other side and fell back to sleep. Oh… that’s what they meant by “Wake me up”…

Six hours later, I arrived at my final destination. I was so eager to call them but with my phone not working in Europe, I could only long to hear their sweet little voices on the phone. Another half an hour maybe and my brother would meet me. I would borrow his phone and land him with 100 dollar bill to talk to my little angels. Half an hour is soooooo long!

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, I found my brother whom I had not seen in nine months, barely said Hi and snatched his phone out of his hands.

“I need to talk to the kids. They are waiting for me to call. They were so sad when I left. This trip was a mistake. I should never have left without them, blahblahblah…”

The phone rang. And rang. And rang. And eventually switched to voicemail. OK, so maybe they forgot the phone in the hotel room and had gone somewhere.  I left a message.

“Hey guys, it’s mommy. I love you and I miss you. Call me on tonton’s phone when you get this message.” And I repeated the same sentence three or four times until my brother snatched the phone back.

We had drinks and dinner and I eventually went back to my hotel room to plug in my laptop. No skype, no email, no message of any sort.  By now, the kids MUST be desperate to talk to me. At least as desperate as I was.

I kept myself busy between skype attempts but no luck. No one was picking up.

Eventually, I heard the computer ringing. The kids! Yeay!!! I picked up and it was my husband.

“Hi! How are the kids? Where are they?” I can be so nice and friendly when I want to…

“They are just here, hold on.” And then I heard the most soul crushing conversation between my husband and my boys, to the tune of,

“Boys, come and say Hi to mom!”

“Wait! We are watching TV! “

“No, she is not waiting. Come and say Hi now please?”

“Can we watch TV after we say HI?”

“Yes. If you come NOW”

“Can you not say Hi for us?”


“Hi Mom!”

“Not from where you are sitting! Come here NOW”

Then I saw these two monkeys dragging themselves across the room.

“Hi mom” They managed, while still looking at the TV screen. And then they were gone.

Thankfully, my little princess of pink was very eager to speak to me. In fact, she had some major, major news she wanted to share. Except she could not remember, so her dad prompted her,

“Remember what you wanted to tell mom about nana’s house?”

“Oh yeah. Mommy?! Today, I flushed the toilet twice. Bye!” And she hung up…

I think my kids were definitely trying to tell me they missed me…

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