WHAT IF… Your kids wake up all obedient tomorrow morning?

Are you dreaming of the day where you wake up and find your little angels all obedient and compliant? They are washed and dressed without any drama. They are wearing appropriate clothes (i.e. not  shorts in the middle of winter). Their beds are made, their dirty clothes are in the laundry basket – because YES! They do know what to do with their dirty clothes… They have helped their younger siblings get ready and are all sitting nicely at the breakfast table, eating and having a civilized conversation. Yeah, rub your eyes again!!!

Your breakfast is laid nicely on the table too. And from then on, it just keeps on getting better. They finish their breakfast and clear the table. As they get ready for school, everybody knows where their shoes are. You don’t need to explain why a coat is needed when it is 5F outside. And you don’t have to argue about why there is school all the time. As you are about to call them to hurry, you find they are already sitting in the car, with all their stuff, ready to go. Basically, they are waiting for you. No fight on the way to school, no drama of any sort, no hitting anyone, no bad words coming out of anybody’s mouth. Nobody has forgotten a bag, or a shoe. It is such a quiet and peaceful drive you actually keep checking your rear mirror to make sure  your kids are here…

Pick up is as uneventful as drop off. You find your kids right away outside the school. They are waiting for you and jump in the car as soon as they see you. They don’t pretend you are not here, they don’t make you wait while they exchange some important information, like how to make the latest rainbow loom design. You don’t even need to call them. After a short drive where you can hear a pin drop, you arrive home. Your kids get out and remember to take their stuff with them. They get their own snack, tidy up and proceed with their homework.  And today, on this very special day, you don’t need to break the bad news to them that they indeed have some homework, because ergh… there is school tomorrow. No, they know all that.

When they are done, they play nicely all together until it is time for dinner. Nobody asks for anything. They all sit together and do a nice jigsaw, or draw, or something equally arty and quiet. They then set the table, compliment you on the meal, help you tidy up and go for their shower. All by themselves, without you having to drag them. They wash, brush their teeth, grab their books, kiss you good night and go to their bedroom to read before they switch their lights off for a good night sleep. Sounds dreamy, right?  NONONONONONONOOOOOOOO!!!! Are you kidding me?

Firstly, if that EVER happens to me, I won’t wait a full day. If I find my kids up and dressed on a week day, without twenty reminders to get some socks, how about some pants? D’you think you will need a tee-shirt to go to school? I will make an appointment at the doctor’s right away. Because OBVIOUSLY, something is very, very wrong.

Secondly, I can never allow my kids to be all obedient. What am I going to blog about if they do that? What books am I going to write? Nobody wants to read about perfect kids in a perfect family! It’s too boring!!!

Thirdly,  even though I say that I would like a little help, a little quiet, a little time. I really, really, really don’t! Bring the mess back! Give me chaos!!! I want the noise, the argument, the orange juice on the floor, the clothes lying around everywhere. I want to tell them twenty times to get ready for school. I want to argue over bedtime. I want them to need me. Even though the reality is, I am the one who needs them.

One day, I will have an organized, spec house with no one to mess it up. And somehow, I have a feeling that it will be a lot harder for me to handle… In the mean time, WAKE UP!!! It was just a “What if” question. The truth is, you are late for school, the kids are still in their PJs,  you did not tidy the dinner table yesterday night and your little one just stepped in the poop that the cat nicely laid on your rug. A perfectly normal morning, YEAY!!!!


  1. I love this… So true. I used to envy my friends whose houses were spotless, decorated perfectly, no toys strewn about, no arguing in the background, but I came to realize that I’ll miss it eventually in an odd way :). Besides, then I’ll have no one to blame but myself for the clutter when company comes over 😛

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