What if your kids were in charge for a day?

What would happen if kids could take over, just for a day? One thing for sure, houses would be chaotic, a mess beyond comprehension. For the ones of us with OCD, this could be fatal…

Parents would be children’ slaves, having to comply with their  every wish. Well, no change here!

Adults who don’t comply with the new house rules (or lack of thereof) would be put in time out for 44 minutes, or whatever your age is. I tell you, you won’t want to mess twice during the day because sitting on a step all day long without even a book is pretty boring…

There would be no school, no morning routine, no bed time, no nothing. Just complete, sheer anarchy.

Shouting would be acceptable, even mandatory to survive the day. Little ones would have a much harder time than older ones. The law of the jungle would apply. Your color, background, culture wouldn’t matter. Just your size, age, and strength; A different kind of discrimination…

Dads would stay at home, because they are fun to be with. So they would have to play with the kids all day, while moms would run around and cook chocolate chip pancakes covered with chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nobody would help moms because they would be too busy playing, Like I said, some things wouldn’t change…

The list of priorities would be topsy turvy. Serious crises would involve, “Who took the last cookie?”, “Where is the remote control?” and “What happened to my iTouch?”. Things like, “There is nothing in the fridge”, “Nobody has clean clothes for tomorrow” and “The cat pooped on the rug” wouldn’t even make it on the list of crises.

There would be no pollution, as nobody would go anywhere.

Pets would be kings and allowed to do whatever they are normally not allowed under parental dictatorship: climb on sofas, eat all day long, chew furniture… you name it!








And at the end of the day, after many hours of arguing about whose turn it was on the trampoline, who stole whose tee shirt and why one hid somebody’s stuff, everybody would go to bed exhausted, with no hard feelings, no resentment , just wanting a hug, a kiss and a “I love you”. The next day, none of the previous day drama would even matter.  Maye we can learn something…


  1. Ha! Great post! Maybe we could learn something. “Some things wouldn’t change” so true 🙂 I do love the way at the end of the day kids are friends like nothing happened.

    • nadege nicoll says:

      Yes, I certainly could learn a lot from my kids about not holding grudges… Ah, well, nobody’s perfect!!

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