What was I thinking???!!!!

Oh My, What was I thinking in my last post? I was writing about purple plastic cat’s daily life. But then I called her…. Moodle!!! She is not called Moodle!! Her name is Noodle! THIS is Moodle….

IMG_1161 (600x800)Not the big dog, that’s Pepper, who else? No, the little light purple thing next to him… That’s Moodle… Moodle and Noodle are very different things: for one, one is dark purple, the other light purple, so Hello?! Not the same. Then, Noodle hangs out with Athena while Moodle teams up with Pepper. So, other than being made of plastic, they really don’t have anything in common…

Kyle has decided that maybe he too should get a plastic purple something and call it Koodle, or Poodle. This is going to become very confusing for all of us…

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