What’s his deal?

In real life, there are astronauts. They wear weird suits and masks because fashion and trends have not reached space yet so they don’t care. There might also be some practical reasons for the way they dress. Not sure. They are some sort of heroes because they have a dangerous job that everybody would like to do but no one has the courage to – and by “everybody”, I mean ME. I can barely get in a plane, NO WAY am I ever setting foot in a spaceship!

In fantasy life, there are fairies. They fly around with their magic wand, look all pretty and act nice. Everybody loves fairies! There are kids fairies (tooth fairy, laundry fairy, bed making fairy), adult ones (iron-my-shirt fairy), there might even be pet ones (poop scooping fairy).

I get all of that. Coming from a country where a lot of strange traditions exist, I can cope with a fair amount of weirdness. As a matter of fact, in France we don’t have a tooth fairy, we have a mouse; The Easter bunny does not drop eggs in our garden, the Easter bells do. And if you want to know more about them, it’s all in my first book! So I am fine with fairies, I don’t find hazmat suits creepy. In summary, it takes quite a lot to surprise me.

But, seriously, what on earth is this? What’s the deal here? The fairy astronaut? What is that? FYI, we found “it” or “him” in our lego advent calendar. For real. Maybe it is what Santa looks like in space…


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