What’s in your drawer?

In my first book, “Living With Grown-Ups: Raising Parents”, I wrote a chapter about the universal book of parenthood. The whole chapter is about the things that we all say to our kids. We don’t know one another, have not been raised in the same country, we might have very different jobs, friends, lifestyle, language, everything. But I can pretty much guarantee that despite all that, at some point, you and I both told our kids to “Do as I say” , “just BECAUSE”, or “End of conversation”. Hear yourself?! I can definitely hear myself…

So put that thought aside just for a minute while I explain what I have been up to today: I did what’s called spring cleaning. I decided to de-clutter my house. I know it is not spring. You might think I am being proactive and organized. But no, not at all. I am doing the spring cleaning that I was supposed to do last spring. So true to myself, I am just nine months behind. I was trying to fool myself that it was not the case, I was just being three months ahead of a plan that does not exist yet. But I had to face reality when I was organizing my tax documents … from last year. So there you go…

As I was opening every single closet and organizing its content, I came across a drawer in one of my furniture. And that stopped me in my track. What on earth was in it? And most importantly, WHY? The weirdest, eclectic collection of useless junk! What’s wrong with me?!!

But I only felt bad for a minute. Because, and applying the same principle that we are all just humans with the same flaws, I can pretty much guarantee that one of your drawers looks exactly like mine. Again, I don’t know you, and you might be the most organized person in the world, but somewhere in your house, there is a drawer just like that.  Maybe not with the same content, but with the same amount of junk, irrelevant, old pile of nothing in it.

Here is what I found in mine:

four batteries – they might have been new, but they have been in that drawer for seven years so they are as good as old!

First class stamps at 41 cents – FYI, that was in 2006-2007

Some French coins – the currency disappeared in 1999 and yet, I have money tucked away for, what? Emergencies?






English stamps from 2004 – like I am going to need these any time soon






Various keys from God knows where! One of them I recognize as the key from my old apartment in London, when I used to live in it (13 years ago), I thought I lost the key and paid a lot of money to have the locks changed. But good news!! It was not lost, I found it!!!





A flashlight so old that the batteries have leaked in it so it is in essence totally useless

A few old pens, none of them working, of course!

Some marbles – last time I played, it was with my brother, in 1979…

And here is the thing: I have only been in the US for seven years, which means that the French Franc, the English stamps, the keys, the marbles and probably the pens were all moved from England. I bothered packing moving, unpacking and storing the most useless c@#p. for what? Don’t laugh! You have your own crazy drawer somewhere in your house!

So now I have to think about why? Oh why? do we all have such drawers in our house? It is mind boggling…


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