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On this page, you will find all the volumes in the “Living With Grown-Ups” series. You can get a synopsis, read a few pages, and buy a hard copy or e-version.

You will also find my very last published work, “American Refuge”, a book for both adults and kids that talks (yes, my book talks…) about empathy with humor, and without politics. In our day and age, I feel that its relevance has gone up ten folds.

Finally, you will also be able to purchase some really funky cards to celebrate your mom – whatever the occasion. Moms are the best, so they deserve to get cards reminding them of that. “But, what about Dad?” I hear you say . . . Well, worry not, cards for Dads are on their way! Because, they ain’t too bad either . . . If you like the humor in my books, you’ll have a blast with the cards – and vice versa!


Mom cards

Celebrate Mom! Whether for Mother’s day, a birthday, or just to say you’re thinking of her, these cards are just what you need. Original, fun and bright colored, they will put a smile on all the family members’ faces, with their quirky and loving messages. Very much like the “Living With Grown-Ups” series, their intent is to make you appreciate life’s little imperfections.




Living with Grown-ups: Raising Parents 

Published in 2013

My first book!  I tried to imagine how kids look at their parents’ behavior : how inconsistent, sometimes unfair, often loopy we adults can be. This book is not just for kids, but also for parents who are prepared to have a good laugh at their crazy ways. When I wrote it, I wanted to tell my children, “I know I am not perfect. And I know that you know…” But I think they already knew it.

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Living with Grown-ups: Duties and Responsibilities

Published in 2013

Second book in a series that I wish to be very long. Because let’s be honest, there is so much to say about adults’ madness. This book talks about all the different kinds of responsibilities for kids and for parents. But when you look at it closely, it can all be summed up into this: adults have a duty to drive their kids nuts. Children must bug their parents as much as they possibly can! Are we all on the same page? I had a lot of fun writing this volume because I took my characters one step up in their weirdness.

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Living With Grown-Ups: Everyday Dos and Don’ts

Published in 2015

Volume three is out! Get ready for a combination of crazy and hilarious! In this volume, Isaac and his siblings are trying to go through a typical day without getting into too much trouble. Like that’s ever going to happen. From the moment they get up in the morning till they go to bed, they have to navigate through many adult traps and whacky behaviors. If your day looks anything like theirs, you might want to read how they cope.

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Living With Grown-Ups: Surviving Summer

Published in 2016

Volume four is out, just in time for the summer craziness. If you think of summer as a cool, relaxing time, then you need to write a book about that! In Isaac, Aaron and Tiger’s family, summer is more about chaos and weird adults. Not much change from the rest of the year, really . . . Join them during their summer holiday, while they try to survive their parents’ nonsense. See if you can recognize some of your family dynamics in his story.




American Refuge

Published in 2017

This is a very special book for many reasons. Firstly, it sounds pretty serious, but it’s written with a lot of humor. Secondly, in a world where apathy and indifference seem to have settled in, this book is a reminder to  accept one another, and bring our empathy back to the surface. Finally, it’s a plea to open up our heart, like our kids do: without politics, without taking sides, without labeling anyone. Because that’s the only right thing to do.

For every book sold, I will donate $2 to Refugee Outreach International, a non profit organization that assists refugees in the US and internationally to successfully settle in their current locations, wherever they may be transitioning to.