What’s your size?!

Today I took Skye for a little shopping trip. I needed to buy a jacket for myself so off we went. Going shopping with Skye is always a little bit of a challenge. When she is not running in the aisles, she is hiding under the clothes racks or picking every item and throwing them on the floor. Today was a little different though. She seemed on het best behavior. She was genuinely interested in everything I was trying and insisted on giving me her opinion. Mostly in the form of, “It’s ugly mom!!, as loud as her voice could carry. She also kept asking me for my age. And every time I would pick something, she would grab it off me and say, “No, mom! That’s not your age!” At first I did not understand but then I realized. Skye’s clothes have her age on the label. Her size is 4-5 so she obviously assumed that mine would be 44!!! Too funny. Although I stopped laughing when we were looking at shoes and she kept bringing me the ones with a price tag of 79 dollars, saying, “There you go mom, these ones are your age”. I am never going shopping with Skye again…

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