When does mom go from First Dame to super lame?

When you have young kids, you are DE GIRL! There is nothing you cannot do  or fix, you know everything about anything. If you say, “I don’t know”, that’s either because NO ONE knows or surely, you must be joking!! You can fix any boo-boo, handle all kind of monsters, and most of all, you are always, always right. That’s on top of being the most beautiful mommy and the best one in the world. Of course.  Your kids are so, so proud of you,. They try to outdo one another with their moms’
wonderful talents. ” My mom cooks the best chicken nuggets!” “Well, MY mom’s nuggets are better than your mom’s!!” Or, “My mom’s car is nicer than your mom’s…” Basically, you walk on water…
Then one day, all of a sudden, you wake up and things have changed. For starters, you don’t look that beautiful anymore. You went from bring 18 to looking 64! Overnight!!! Moreover, every time your child asks you something and you make him repeat the question ( you must have become a bit deaf on top of super old…), he mumbles “argh! Doesn’t matter…” What do you know anyway? Well, the answer to that question is easy, you know NOTHING! Your cooking is so bad that nobody wants to invite their friends. Why would they bring anybody at home? You are embarrassing them enough when picking up from school… Your car sucks, and everything you say can only be met with a shrug of the shoulder…  You have gone from the number one favorite person to being a wart on your kids ‘nose: trying to ignore you but you keep creeping up!

What happened? When did everything change? Well,  kids grow up, that’s what happened. Nothing you can do about that! It’s not all that bad though. Now that you are only needed for survival stuff (cooking non poisonous food, picking up and dropping off without getting out of the car or speaking to any of their friends) you can enjoy your new found freedom as … An old clueless dork!!!

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