When is it too late?

Last time it snowed here was a week ago. On snow days, there is no school . So when you have small kids – and by that, I mean under the age of being able to carry a shovel, you have to entertain them. Worse, you have to go and play in the snow with them.

When you have shoveling aged kids, you can call your bank for a second mortgage as they will charge you killer rates to do your drive.

I have kids in both age brackets, so yeay!! Snow days are fun!!

Except last week, things did not go as planned. I got the big kids ready for their shoveling job, i.e we negotiated a rate, signed a contract written by them. Typically, it’s a piece of paper they prepare the night before with a million small prints like, “after shoveling, the children can play video games all day”, or, “Mom has to pay even if children don’t finish the job” or other stuff equally one-sided. They got dressed for the job – translation: “Yes, you need a coat on!” “If you don’t wear gloves, you cannot shovel”, “What do you mean shorts are ok?!”

Eventually, they made a start. After about fifteen minutes, they rang the bell.

“Mom, it’s way harder than we thought so we are going to need more money…”

“OK, whatever. Just get on with it!”

Ten minutes later, another knock on the door.

“Mom, we don’t want to do it anymore. We are going to play with the neighbors. Bye!”

So that was that. Then it rained ice, the ground froze a little more every day and the ice sheet covering the drive got thicker and thicker.

A week later, Stuart decided that now was the time to finally get on with clearing the drive. Better late than never, right?









Except, the next snowstorm is on its way, and will hit us in 24 hours or so. So why are we clearing the drive for, exactly? To make room for the fresh snow, it would seem… It might never be too late to shovel your drive, but can it be too early?

Oh, and by the way, when the kids got home after their fun snow day playing with their friends, they demanded their salary.

“Are you kidding me? You did nothing!”

To which they replied, “Well, you should read the small prints more carefully…”

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