Where are the animals?

Three year olds are so hilarious. If you have one at home, you know what I am talking about!

Last Saturday night, we were invited to a party. We had to drive about an hour to get there so of course, Skye started asking questions.

“Why are we driving, dad?”

“Because we are going to a party” Stuart told her.

“Yes, I know. But why?”

Well, because we have been invited, hun.” Stuart has the patience of a saint. But I was wondering how long he would be able to find logical answers to the weirdest questions…

“But why?” Skye asked. By now, Stuart was looking at me for some help. So I said, “Because we are party animals! That’s why we are invited” I was expecting another “Why” or more likely “What are you talking about?”, but instead, Skye piped, “I want to see the animals too!!!”

Then, for the remainder of the drive, we had to explain to Skye that there were no animals where we were going, mommy only said that to be funny, etc… But there was no point! She was very upset and just wanted to see animals at the party. And no promise of visiting the zoo next week was helping. It got so bad I almost considered calling my friend to see if we could gather a few animals to bring to the party…

Eventually, Skye accepted that “mommy was just being silly” and that we were not going to meet any animals. Next time, I am not helping anybody answering Skye’s questions!!!

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