Where are you from again?

Kids are unbelievable! Did I say that already!!! Truly, truly unbelievable.  And my ten year old is definitely going for first prize in the “out of this world” mommy wind up category!

As you might, or might not know, I am French.  Which means that my children are French as well – whether they like it or not! So I would say they are exposed to a fair amount of “Frenchness” in their life: DVDs and CDs from grandparents are in French, we spend a good few weeks in France every summer, very few people in my family speak English. And regularly at home, I get patriotic and nostalgic and go all French on everybody. So it’s fair to say that even though my kids have not learnt my language in a very formal setting, they understand it, they know a fair deal of it, and they can for sure recognize it.

So then this is what happened yesterday. my son came back home with his spelling test results. He had a gazillion words he needed to learn, all pretty complicated ones. And he got them all right. All, except two: chandelier and chauffeur. Both these words are straight from the French dictionary and he managed to get them wrong! Of all the kids, he should have been the one who had the most chances to get them right. But nope.  Not only did he get them wrong, but he also proved that his creativity knows no boundary. Because this is how he spelled chauffeur: show fur.  I am not kidding you. My French child thinks that the guy who drives a taxi is a show fur.

I did not know whether to call in an army of French tutors, laugh or cry about it. Instead, I chose the best therapy to cope with kids’ mumbo jumbo:  blog about it!

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