Where’s The Cat?

. . . is a question you hear about twenty times a day in my house. Our cat is scared of her own shadow, so she gets freaked out by anything and is in constant camouflage mode. And boy is she good at hiding!

So regularly, when we have not seen her for a few hours, and she hasn’t been heard destroying the rug, or clawing the furniture, one of us wonders, “Where’s the cat?” No point looking under the sofas or in the closets, these are way too obvious for our imaginative four legged friend to even consider. We usually have to stretch our imagination quite a bit and turn every single pile of sheets and towels upside down, check every window ledge behind the curtains, every toy box. And in most cases, we can’t even find her.

So to get her out of wherever she is, we resort to bribe: we fill a bowl of food, plant ourselves in the middle of the hallway and shake the food until she comes out. Usually, within a jiffy.

Last Saturday, we had an early start of the day. We are retiling our shower so the workers came early to cement the floor and walls of the shower. I let them get on with their thing as I slowly started my waking-up process: first, have a coffee, then have another one. Then a third one Finally, open both eyes. By the time I was ready to interact with the tilers, it was lunch time and they were almost done.

“Have you seen my cat?”, I asked them as they were cleaning up and getting ready to leave.

“No. No cat here.”

I tried to call the cat, but no luck there either. I don’t even know why I bother with that phase as my cat listens to nothing and no one so of course, she’s not gonna come when I call her. I searched the house, but no luck there either. I filled her bowl with food and shook it for a while. Still no cat. Mmm, this started to look a little worrying.

I walked around the house, calling the crazy cat and shaking the food. But try as I might, she wouldn’t come out of her hiding place. I got so frustrated I decided to give up and wait until she was too hungry to ignore me any longer.

As I went back upstairs to carry on with my day, I heard a faint noise. Where was this coming from? The bathroom. Interesting, it’s not like there are many places you can hide in there. “Athena? Pussy cat? You in here”


Definitely, very faint. I looked around but couldn’t see her. I started to think I was going mad. But then, I finally clicked. My clever, clever cat was hiding inside the wall of the shower, that three guys had just spent four hours replastering and cementing, and whatever it is that a wall needs before it gets tiled.

At least I had the answer to the question, “Where is the cat?” Well, the cat is trapped inside a wall that has just been resealed less than half an hour ago.

Next question, “How do we get the cat out?” Easy to answer that one: grab a hammer and damage the work that has just been completed. Then look for a new tiler as this one is definitely not coming back to crazy land.

Next, “Do cats really have nine lives?” If yes, not to worry, we just leave the cat there and she’ll come back as an ant. These freeloaders are definitely able to sneak from behind the wall so that would solve the problem.

Okay, but then I’ll have to answer “How do I explain to the kids that the cat is trapped behind the wall and I’m just waiting for her to come back as an ant”. That could be tricky. . . All right, let’s get the hammer . . .

I am glad to report that the cats made a full recovery. See for yourself . . . IMG_5035

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