Who I Am

My family

I live in New Jersey, with my husband, three children and numerous pets. I was raised in France,  like the mom character. And like her, I  get over excited when I am happy,  ultra annoyed when being wound up. And YES! I have hot blood running through my veins – if you don’t know what that means, you should read my book! Although the story is not about our family, some parts  are inspired from us: Stuart (dad) is English and super relaxed, Isaac is totally awesome, Aaron is a dream child and Tiger does roar! Maybe your family looks like mine…

My inspiration

I was not a great reader when I was a child. Mainly because the books I picked had too many pages, too complicated a plot, or were too serious. In summary: they were NOT FUN AT ALL. I was blessed with kids who love to read. Isaac walks around with books glued to his forehead and Aaron has an open book on every corner of the house. Even Tiger picks up books (sometimes upside down!) and pretends to read.  I love it. It makes me so proud. I wanted to create something for them. If reading was such a big part of their life, wouldn’t it be fabulous to read mom’s books?

My special moments…

As I started to write with humor about adults’ behaviors seen from the perspective of children, I felt that I was reconnecting with my children. It’s like I was telling them, “I act inconsistently sometimes. I know that you know. I understand how you feel about it. And all of this is okay.” Wow! It felt so good admitting I was no different from them – just a few feet taller and some extra gray hair! Somehow, it gave us the ability to open up about our family quirks and laugh about them.

Finally, I wanted to create something that adults could enjoy with their children. Because for my husband and me, reading with the kids is one of our most special moments. And that’s how my book was born.

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